[scimembers] SCI Newsletter - Call for member news (XLVIII, issue 2)

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Wed Aug 1 11:26:52 EDT 2018

Dear SCI Members,

Our next quarterly Newsletter will be published shortly, and we are looking
for member news!

We are more than happy to publish announcements, reports or reviews of past
activities and festivals, major accomplishments, interviews with members
relating to a career in composition, future events, opinion pieces, etc. News
and announcements from student members is also highly welcome!

Please submit a maximum of five announcements for publication. You may
certainly submit more news for future issues.

We are happy to include relevant pictures if you can include any with your
submissions (photos of SCI conferences and events are especially welcome).

To submit news, please complete the following form:

All news is due approximately two weeks from the date of this email for it
to be published in the upcoming issue. All news received after that date
will be published in a future issue.

We want to know what *all* of our members are up to, so please don't
hesitate to share your news with us! We are especially interested in
hearing from new members, student members, etc.

Also, if you have an idea for an article that you'd like considered for
publication, please email the editor directly at b.decker75 at gmail.com


Brad Decker, SCI Newsletter Editor
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