[scimembers] Freund Videos: Good Morning Melbourne, Spur of the Moment

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From Don Freund
dfreund at indiana.edu<mailto:dfreund at indiana.edu>

I’m excited to announce that 2 superb performances of my music are now YouTube videos:

An all-star septet of 7 Jacobs School music faculty rockout on Good Morning, Melbourne from my recital in March:
See the pdf score at http://donfreund.com/media/works/synthesizer-and-chamber-ensemble/good-morning-melbourne

And from the XIV International Flute Festival in SãoPaulo, Brazil, virtuoso flutist Alexandre Eisenberg and pianist Tim Carey’s scintillating performance of Spur of the Moment:
See the pdf score at http://www.donfreund.com/media/scores/woodwind_chamber/Spur_of_the_Moment.pdf

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