[scimembers] SCI Newsletter, Issue No. 1, 2018

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Thu May 10 10:53:58 EDT 2018

Greetings SCI Members,

I'm excited to share the first SCI Newsletter of 2018! In an effort to
modernize how we share information, I've decided to try adopting a new
format for the creation and delivery of our newsletter. As a result, our
newsletter now exists primarily online. See the following link to view the
first issue in this new format:

<https://sway.com/mZQxx6Uy50oPCeWc?ref=Link>Newsletter, Issue No. 1, 2018

This new format will allow us to include a more photos, articles,
announcements, and even video and audio clips. It will also streamline our
workflow and allow us to more readily release issues. I will still make a
PDF of the newsletter available on the SCI website for those who might
prefer to read it in that format.

Look for a call for news for the next issue in not too distant future.



Carter John Rice | Doctor of Arts
carterricecomposer at gmail.com
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