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Wed Oct 3 23:47:34 EDT 2018

Hello SCI think tank,

I am currently beginning the process of converting my Music Fundamentals
course into an online format. The course at my institution is both a
General Education course and a "catch up" course for entering music majors.
My section of the course is also OER (Open Educational Resource), so I
don't use a textbook and ideally use only creative commons licensed and/or
public domain materials.

My question is this: *how would you all assess student learning on the
"nitty gritty" of this class?* The discussion boards/written assignments
model that has worked in my other online class isn't going to work so well
when writing key signatures, identifying intervals, counting out beats,
etc. (but will certainly work well for *some* parts of the class, such as
listening assignments, etc.).

To be clear, I have plenty of "material" to help the students *learn* - I
compiled/sourced it all when developing the course as OER. What I don't
have is an elegant way to do homework and exams online. Having students
print out assignments and scan them back to me seems very clunky and likely
a nightmare to grade.

Has anybody cracked this code and would like to share? Are there good
customizable online homework options that are under open licensing? (this
seems pretty unlikely!)

As per the norm, please reply to me at one of the e-mails below instead of
replying-all, and I will send out a general summary of comments afterwards.

Thank you in advance!

Mark Popeney, DMA
Associate Professor, Chair
Performing Arts Department
Bunker Hill Community College
mpopeney at bhcc.mass.edu
mpopeney at gmail.com
(617) 228-2219
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